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Covid 19 pandemic response

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In response to Covid-19, Superior Steam commercial HVAC services are being called on. Our services are now critical for sanitizing commercial food operations.

Our Covid-19 Effort

One of the biggest problems in our community is grocery baskets and carts in our local grocery stores. Everyone touches them.

We see this as the commonality, and we feel it necessary that this chain is broken each and every night until the pandemic subsides.

We have the staff and trucks to do this work and our fleet should not be sitting while this is needed.

Grocery Store Disinfection

We are now answering calls from commercial food operators such as grocers wanting to confirm we are keeping our doors open to help as a contingency plan for an outbreak. Our answer to them is “of course, yes.”

We are currently busy utilizing our recently upgraded truck that can disinfect a whole grocery store in just a few hours.  We are also available to complete other cleaning and disinfecting requirements.  Call us if you need assistance.


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