Kitchen Deep Cleaning

No matter how effective your daily, weekly or monthly cleaning routines are there will be a progressive accumulation of undesired food oil and grease . Particularly grease on less accessible surfaces like canopies, ducts, light fittings, floors, walls behind equipment and ceilings. This operation generally requires the services of a professional contractor. Our cleaning should not be confused with steam cleaning; steam and water alone will not produce a satisfactory result.

Our deep cleaning is acceptable to health inspectors, fire regulations and insurance companies. Kitchen deep cleaning is tailored to suit the individual needs of the caterer. This encompasses structural cleans, high level work, ventilation canopies, hot cooking equipment, ancillary equipment, floors and complete kitchen deep cleans.

Our quality kitchen cleaning service is tailored to suit your requirements. Kitchen deep cleaning is scheduled to fit around the needs of the caterer, with no extra charges made for weekends or overnight cleans. Trained cleaning technicians will arrive at a time best suited to you to thoroughly deep clean your kitchen and bring it up to a standard that you will be proud of. We are always available for site visits to discuss your individual requirements.


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